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The conveyancing process is often one that leaves vendors, buyers and agents in the dark as to how the legalities of property transactions are progressing.

At Loop we realise selling a property is one the biggest financial decisions most people will ever make, and for agents commission and the ability to close a deal quickly are at stake.

So we’ve created a product that takes advantage of today’s technology, supported by a growing team of lawyers and paralegals, to provide a transparent legal process for buying and selling a property.

Put simply, Loop keeps all parties informed throughout the property transaction lifecycle via messages and notifications in real-time.

We do this by using the information provided by you using the Loop platform. Then our legal team produce a contract of sale for marketing and support the exchange and contract signing process right through to settlement.

For real estate agents, we automate repetitive legal tasks, allowing their focus to stay on the customer.

Loop is the new platform for property transactions in Australia.

Want to know more?

If you are selling a property or purchasing one, start your conveyance now with us here. Or download Loop from Apple’s App Store for your mobile phone, and take advantage of our real-time notifications.

To learn more about Loop Law visit https://www.loop.law or call us on 1300 566 752

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