Loop integrates with PEXA.

We are proud to be the first conveyancing firm to have directly integrated with Property Exchange Australia (PEXA). PEXA’s electronic settlement platform allows Loop Law to access to settlement activity, as it occurs in real-time. Users of Loop have been excited to have seen the integration in action over the recent weeks!

This feature is a very welcome, and very powerful addition to the Loop Law conveyancing platform, and marks the start of many more process-redefining integrations with PEXA.

A workspace is a structure that is used to manage property settlements electronically, within the PEXA platform. Each side of the sale, along with mortgage holders are invited to participate in the workspace to progress the transaction settlement.

Examples of the information managed within the workspace include property and property title details; sale details, a ledger of payment directions, settlement date and time.

Principal and co-founder of Loop Law, Martyn Tier, believes the PEXA integration is intrinsic to providing value for vendors, saying “Our integration with PEXA provides an unprecedented approach to providing our clients with full transparency throughout the conveyancing journey. This creates value for vendors, purchasers, and agents that interact and use Loop Law.”

As a first of its kind integration, we have integrated PEXA into our notification and event-driven workflows. This means that our vendors, purchasers, selling agents and their support team can get a real-time view into the settlement as it takes place.

Want to know more?

If you are selling a property or purchasing one, start your conveyance now with us here. Or download Loop from Apple’s App Store for your mobile phone, and take advantage of our real-time notifications.

To learn more about Loop Law visit https://www.loop.law or call us on 1300 566 752

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