5 Reasons to use Loop when selling property in NSW.

If you are selling a property in NSW then this article is a must read.

We’ll explain the 5 key reasons why you should use Loop when selling a property, and how you benefit from our digitised conveyancing service.

⏱ 1. Time

Using our web and mobile apps, we have made it very easy for you to perform all of necessary steps required of you in a property sale, whilst keeping you informed, educated, and empowered.


Do not underestimate this point.


We’ve saved you, your agent, and ourselves hours by streamlining the conveyancing process, giving you simplest, quickest, and most secure way of legally progressing the sale.


We have turned a process that traditionally takes days into minutes. An article covering this in more detail is available here.


Onboard fast with Loop's mobile and web apps.

🔍 2. Transparency

Transparency is trust, and by keeping you across every detail of the conveyance, we give you both.


From the preparation of the contract to exchange and settlement, Loop will keep you updated in real-time as key events occur through an informative timeline, and notifications delivered to your browser or mobile phone.  


If your agent is using Loop, they will also be kept updated, meaning overall a smoother and more informed sale.


📱 3. Convenience

Accessing society's services through a mobile or smart web platform has become the norm, and basically a consumer expectation as almost every industry has gone digital. We agree and have felt for a long time that conveyancing should be no different. We are proud at Loop to be amongst those ushering conveyancing into this phase.


With Loop, you can access your team of legal professionals through the most convenient of channels in live chat and perform your conveyancing tasks digitally via our web and mobile apps.


With Loop there is no need to physically meet with us, and you can do everything from the comfort of your home or place of choosing. Just make sure you have internet reception.

👌 4. Contactless & Secure

Most traditional conveyancing firms have become worryingly reliant upon email for key communication and transfer of your highly private and sensitive information.


We’ve talked about this in an earlier article, but email is just on on. Loop’s platform enforces secure communication and handling of all data and we implement bank-level security.


Further our platform promotes contactless conveyancing where all of the interaction necessary is handled via our web or mobile apps.

👩‍💼 5. Experience

When you engage Loop for your property purchase or sale, you get assigned a local, and highly experienced team of lawyers and paralegals, that will work with your with you from start to finish and are available for any clarifications, help or questions you might have. 


Our platform frees our team (from paper-shuffling et al.) to focus on the human side of conveyancing, allowing us to keep you informed and empowered.


It's important that you are adequately protected in Australia's ever-changing property market so it's very important as a buyer or seller to engage with a 

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