Marketing a property in New South Wales?

Accelerate properties onto the market; using Loop is the quickest way to prepare a marketing contract of sale in Australia.

Loop provides automation, transparency and engagement over the complete property transaction lifecycle, and allows you to interact with buyers and sellers in real time.

Loop allows you to stay focused on your customer

Loop is developed with real estate agents in mind. We automate repetitive legal tasks, allowing your focus to stay on the customer. If you have a support team, Loop keeps everyone informed and allows them to act on your behalf when creating referrals and receiving contracts for marketing.

Why you’ll love using Loop


Accelerate properties onto the market; using Loop is the quickest way to prepare a marketing contract in Australia.


Loop can cost up to 50% less than traditional conveyancing.


Simple management of your client’s property sale from your mobile phone 24/7.


Take advantage of real time notifications as key events occur, including contract availability.


Loop provides a transparent overview of the conveyance process throughout the complete property transaction lifecycle.


Loop is integrated with a number Australia’s leading data providers including CoreLogic, InfoTrack and PEXA. This allows us to share information with you as the property transaction progresses.

Know a good thing when you see it?

Ask us about bundled package deals for your agency, add more value to your pitch, and make it easier and faster to get your vendors to market. 

Case Study:RichardsElliotRichardsElliot

Vendor to market in two days.

"Our vendor lived a flight away from this property, meaning that the logistics involved with this listing, were always going to be more challenging. Loop was easy, effective, and efficient in this scenario, and the app kept me updated as things moved.

Loop sped up our ability to generate a contract of sale and get purchasers through the door earlier than expected.

It was surprisingly fast and compliments our general approach of improving the experience of both buyers and sellers through back-office technology gains.

My vendor found Loop easy to use, but above all, he spent very little time involved in the conveyance."

Myles Du Chateau, RichardsElliot


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