COVID19 and its impact on conveyancing in NSW

While Australia has been spared in comparison to elsewhere in the World, COVID-19 will certainly have a lasting impact on how people work and live.

As with many tragic global events, innovation is often one of the few upsides. Digital conveyancing appears to be one such beneficiary.

Platforms such as www.loop.law already offers clients more convenience, improved data security and real time transparency than traditional conveyancers - and these benefits will now expand as contactless service becomes the sought-after approach wherever possible.

Recent key legislative improvements include digital execution and certification approaches for paper documents, both of which further support these platforms. That’s on top of the significant efficiencies, cost savings and convenience offered to clients.

Would you rather visit an office to complete forms, or complete them in your own home at your leisure and without the need to interact in close proximity with a stranger?

Martyn Tier digital conveyancing loop law
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Martyn Tier

Principal & Co-Founder

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