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So..... you are selling your property and your agent has asked you to engage a conveyancer or property lawyer for the sale.

We are glad you are here, and this article will provide an overview of the steps involved with getting your property to market using Loop.

Before your agent can start marketing your property to the public, you will need to have a Contract for Sale prepared. Some choose to do this themselves, but most will look to a property law firm or licensed conveyancer to do this for them. Loop is a specialist property law firm, registered with the Law Society of NSW.

It is here you will find the first major benefit in using Loop.

Engaging us for the sale of your property will take seconds (instead of days), and your part in providing us with the necessary information to prepare the contract can be done in minutes (also instead of days).

So straight up, Loop is a great choice if you want to get things done efficiently.



Step 1: Onboard

Loop has a highly secure platform, and as such, we'll guide you through the necessary identification and verification steps required. In practice, this simply means signing up (use Google, Apple or Facebook to speed things up), and verifying both your email and mobile phone number.

  • Sign Up

    Sign in with Google, Apple or Facebook or create your own account.

  • Verify

    Tell us about yourself and verify your email and mobile phone number.

  • Create Property for Sale

    Enter your property address, to create a property for sale with Loop. We'll open up a matter and guide you through the next steps.


Step 2: Engage

Tell us a little more about the property, and any other vendors. We'll ask that you sign our Costs Disclosure Agreement, and pre-authorize a payment to cover the cost of contract preparation. By doing this, we can get things moving fast.

  • Property Details

    Tell us more about the property for sale, and any other vendors on title.

  • Accept Costs Disclosure Agreement

    Our cost agreement outlines the services that Loop will provide you and also provides an outline of costs. 

  • Pre-authorise Payment

    Pre-authorise a payment of $330 to cover the costs of contract production, allowing us to get moving fast.

Step 3: Prepare Contract

If you are organised and have your property-related documents handy, this step will not take you long. Allow up to 10 minutes to accurately answer all questions and we will have everything required to prepare a complete, property specific and strong Contract for Sale.

  • Contract Questions

    There are a number of questions to answer in this section but rest assured, the detail is used to prepare a strong contract for sale, and facilitate a smooth exchange and settlement.

  • Confirm Your Answers

    Confirm your responses, and let us know about any of your concerns or additional information that you would like us to know. 

  • Contract for Sale

    We will prepare the Contract for Sale for marketing, and release this to you in the form of a contract summary for your approval before we issue the marketing contract to your nominated real estate agent.


Next Steps

We'll cover the steps of exchange and settlement in the following blog, where our integration with Pexa, is used to keep you informed in real-time, as your property settles. For further information around our integration with Pexa see the Pexa article here or Loop's announcement here

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