Loop | Who we are.

Established by Australia’s leading property, law and technology experts, and managed day-to-day by specialist property lawyers and paralegals, Loop is a regulated law practice designed for today’s property market.

We are a law firm using the latest technology to digitise and improve property transactions. Put simply, we’re providing a conveyancing service for today’s property market.

The Loop platform is designed to be used as a communication and engagement tool, which can be used on any digital device. It allows buyers, sellers and agents to interact throughout the property transaction lifecycle offering a transparent, efficient and economical option right through to final electronic settlement via PEXA.

Over the coming weeks, we will be introducing our team to you via this blog. They’re the people who have seen a need for this product and realised property conveyancing can be done better, and needs to be done better.

We will also be sharing insights and keeping you up to date with everything happening in our fast-moving industry as a this new era of property conveyancing unfolds.

Thanks for being with us.

The Loop team.

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